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1. To inspire and empower young women know that they can be self-dependent without being abused.
2. To link young girls to female mentors and experts that they can learn from.
3. To build a good foundation for female entrepreneurship in Ghana starting from younger ages.
4. To inspire young girls to know when to ask for help but recognise the difference between that and depending on another person solely.
5. To show them that their dreams are valid.

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Speakers & Mentors

Oheneyere Gifty Anti

Keynote Speaker
Host - The Standpoint
CEO - GDA Concepts

We are excited to host Oheneyere Gifty Anti as the Keynote Speaker for the 2nd Edition of the GirlEmpowered Conference. Being a woman whose entire career focus has been to empower women and take the stand for women ensuring that women have an irrevocable place in not only the history but the current state of our country, we are truly blessed to have her keynote our conference primarily because our audience love and adore her and are eager to learn so much from her up-close.

Evita Joseph Asare

Guest Speaker
CEO - Evita Joseph

We are excited to host Evita Joseph Asare as the Guest Speaker for the 2nd Edition of the GirlEmpowered Conference. Being a woman entrepreneur who has her own makeup line, she has gone through all the stages of being a female business owner who has built a world class makeup line. She will be talking to the girls at the conference on the topic, Girlpreneurship; by sharing her journey with the audience, she will inspire, empower and dare the audience to do and become more.

Dr. Grace Gyimah Boateng

Guest Speaker
Director - Sonotech Medical Centre

We can't talk about all aspects of being a female without including health. Hygiene, Sex and General Health issues are vital information we have to make available to our girls. That is why we are super grateful that Dr. Grace Gyimah Boateng is our Guest Speaker to enlighten our audience about health and some key health issues that affect women.

Emmaline Datey

Guest Speaker
Group HR & Admin, EIB Network

On making the right Career Choices after school, Ms Emmaline Datey would speak and mentor participants on relavant careers they can chooose aside starting their own business.


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